In Memory of Aimee Thurlo
In Loving Memory of Aimee Thurlo

It is with a heavy heart that I write to announce the passing of Aimee Thurlo. Aimee was a truly amazing person whose tribute I wish I could properly post. She was a close friend of the family that I married into. We hit it off well and I have had the duties of maintaining their website for the past few years. It was hardly a year ago that I found an email from Aimee asking if she could dedicate "A Time of Change" to my daughter Jennifer. What an amazing honor and feeling of joy this bestowed upon us. But then again, that's who Aimee was, a truly caring person. This is a woman who left my wedding early in order to make sure her sick horse was properly cared for. If one of her beloved poodles was on the couch, she'd take the floor so the dog could continue to have the comfortable seat. For all those reasons and so much more is why we loved her. You are missed.
-- D.P. Purdy

From Her Husband and Loving Partner of 43 Years, David:

I'm sorry to have to send this news in such an impersonal way to all our friends, but I'm having a hard time even writing about it. Aimee died peacefully in her sleep last Friday morning, at home, with me at her side. We'd been working together on book revisions, side by side with our laptops on the daybed, when, on Valentine's Day, we got a call from one of her doctors. The problems she's been experiencing were due to the rapid progression of undiagnosed cancer, and she had about two weeks left. We talked for hours, and finally Aimee asked me to support her decision to die at home. I've loved her for forty three years and the decision was both difficult and easy. We spent our remaining two weeks together, and for that opportunity I'm grateful. She suffered very little at the end. Now Aimee's at peace now among the angels, with her beloved companion, Gabriel to keep her company. She's also in my heart, forever.
--David Thurlo

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