In Memory of Aimee Thurlo

Rebecca York

1) What's your new book about?

Actually, I've got a new series-Decorah Security. After last year's NINC conference, I knew I wanted to enter the indie market. Most writers were publishing their backlists, but since Harlequin has the rights to the lion's share of those books, I decided to write a new series. I wanted to launch with three stories, which I produced over the next year, while also writing two Harlequin Intrigues, SUDDEN INSIGHT, out in January, and SUDDEN ATTRACTION, out in February.

A novella

When death is stalking, only a phantom can save her--and love her. Fleeing to her father's abandoned Arizona ranch to hide from political assassins, Isabella Flores is attacked by a ghost haunting the property. He.s Decorah Security agent Matthew Houseman, killed in the line of duty. Still, passion blooms between Isabella and Matthew, and as their relationship turns more physical, Matthew becomes more real to himself and to her. After the ranch is attacked and Matthew helps save Isabella.s life, she learns a startling secret. There may be hope of bringing her ghost lover back.if she dares to risk everything.


Undercover on a slave ship of dark eroticism. DARK MOON is the next book in my Moon Series and also the first novel in my new Decorah Security series. Agents Emma Richards and werewolf Cole Marshall take on a dangerous undercover assignment, to rescue a young woman from sexual slavery on a cruise ship converted into a dark and dangerous pleasure palace. When they masquerade as lovers, the sexual attraction between Emma and Cole reaches flash point. But what will happen when Emma discovers her lover is a shape-shifter?

A short story She's a target. He's her shield. Sworn to protect federal witness Elizabeth Bannerman, Decorah Security agent Jordan Stone fights the emotions building between them. When ambushed by terrorists, Jordan realizes he actually does have something left to lose.Elizabeth. All three of the above Decorah Security books are available wherever e-books are sold.

2) How do you balance your work and your life?

A friend of mine told me she's in awe of my work ethic. I generally write three books a year, and at the same time I make sure I have enough playtime, too. Like this week--my husband and I went to a dinner reception at the embassy of India in Washington, DC.

I try to write ten pages a day, which might take three hours or eight hours. I intersperse recreational cooking, gardening, craft projects, petting cats, and exercise with my work. And we often get away on long vacations. Sometimes I go to a great location like Half Moon Bay in California where I can glance up at beautiful scenery while I write. When I've finished my pages, we go out and play. Other times we go on tours, like our recent trip to Italy and Belgium, where we walked through fantastic gardens, Roman ruins, and archaeological museums. Other trips are for research, where I soak up details that will enrich my books. CHAINED, one of my Decorah Security stories, is set in Sedona, Arizona. I don't usually write about the Southwest, but I loved the setting, and I loved incorporating information about the famous Sedona vortexes into my plot. The hero's a ghost (or maybe he isn't ), and the heroine uses the vortexes to bring him back to life.

3) What's your writing process-- do you work from outlines or do you prefer off-the-cuff?

To write a lot of books in a year, I have to be organized. Every story starts with a cool idea, which I flesh out into an outline. (Which I.m free to change if I think of something better.) I used to write slowly, then edit a lot. Then I figured out I can write fast and do the same amount of editing.

4) What advice would you give a new writer wanting to break in?

Don't be in too much of a hurry. Make sure your work is polished before you send it out. I wrote my first novel, a kids. science fiction novel called INVASION OF THE BLUE LIGHTS (written under my own name, Ruth Glick, and now reprinted in e-book format) in a writing seminar at my local community college. I read each chapter in class, took the editing suggestions I got, then rewrote the whole book and edited twice more before sending it out. The editor who eventually bought the book sent me a two-page, single-spaced revision letter. I took her suggestions, added more of my own ideas, and finally sold the book.

5) Where do you get your ideas?

If you're a writer, anything you read, watch, do, see and hear can spark a book idea.

6) Who are your favorite authors?

Ken Follett, Harlan Coben, Nelson DeMille, Jacqueline Carey, Angela Knight

7) Is there anything you'd like to tell your readers?

Last spring I was glued to a Web site in Decorah, Iowa, where a camera was trained day and night on an eagles. nest. I watched Mom and Dad sit on their eggs, hatch them, feed their three babies, and raise them to fledglings. It was a thrilling experience that glimpsed into the natural world and planned to repeat this year. That's where I got the name for my Decorah Security series. The emblem, which appears on every book cover, is a gold eagle coin to honor the eagles.

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